Spring Break 2015 Snapchat Story on March 12th, 2015

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UPDATE: There has been a second edition of the Snapchat Spring Break Story that was available on March 18th, 2015. This one featured screenshots and videos from South Padre Island, Arizona and other places. There were some concerts sprinkled in there as well. The most interesting part of this Snapchat Story were the old lady and the old man that were in the last few videos. They had to be well into their 50’s or 60’s. I guess it is spring break for everyone!

snapchat-old-guy-spring-break spring-break-dancers-snapchat snapchat-story-foam-party snapchat-bathing-suit-spring-break snapchat-helicopter-spring-break snapchat-spring-break-part-2

After a day off, Snapchat is back at it with the 2015 Spring Break Snapchat Story. The first time I saw this story it was only around 40 seconds and there wasn’t a lot of pictures or videos. I am certain it will grow over time. There were pictures from Panama City Beach, Cancun, the Bahamas and a few other places. There was one picture of girls getting ready for the Luke Bryan concert. With Spring Break being as popular as it is I would be shocked if this Snapchat Story is under 200 seconds. I guess we will see. Here are the screenshots I took:

spring-break-panama-city-snapchat big-sean-spring-break-snapchat spring-break-2015-snapchat spring-break-luke-bryan-snapchat spring-break-snapchat-girls spring-break-snapchat

This Snapchat Story is sure to get very interesting as most people know what goes on during spring break. There will likely be many pictures and videos with alcohol included. This really makes me wonder what advertisers are going to think when it comes to this platform. Are advertisers going to be willing for fork over $1 million a day when they know what is going on behind the scenes of Snapchat with Snapcash being used for adult entertainment and plenty of other issues?

I guess only time will tell but the valuation of Snapchat continues to go up and up. I think we may be seeing the peak of Snapchat as there are going to be problems moving forward with all the immoral acts that happen on Snapchat.

The second “batch” of videos and pictures is in. Below you will find the screenshots of the Luke Bryan concert, some pool parties and plenty of girls on a boat.

wheres-the-party-snapchat blonde-spring-break-snapchat luke-bryan-snapchat luke-bryan-concert-snapchat spring-break-girls-luke-bryan spring-break-teddy-bear spring-break-pool-party-snapchat spring-break-snapchat-girls

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