EA Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Shoppable Snapchat Face Filter

The shoppable Snapchat face filters, or lenses, are coming fast. We knew this was going to happen as soon as Snapchat allowed users and accounts to start sharing websites. Now, major brands and companies like Kohl’s and Bank of America are using Snapchat to reach a younger audience. The male part of this younger audience loves to play video games and watch Twitch. For this reason, EA is sponsoring a face filter that allows Snapchat users to shop for their newest video game Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. It looks like this:

When you click the “Shop now” button it simply takes you to the EA website in which you can buy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It will be fascinating to see just how many games are sold for XBox and Playstation because of this Snapchat shoppable face filter.

EA has already sold millions of units of this game, but reaching out to the Snapchat audience could help them make this the best selling game in the Star Wars series. Interesting to note is that EA will not be able to see exactly how much traffic they got from this ad in Google Analytics. That said, Snapchat definitely has the data to show them just how many people clicked the “Shop now” button.

If they can convert even a small percentage of the people that click the “shop now” button to actually buy th game, the numbers are going to be astronomical. When is Nintendo going to do this for Pokemon? When is Take Tw Interactive going to do this for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC or the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game?

The prices do not come cheap for a Snapchat shoppable face filter, but it could be well worth it in terms of exposure and sales.

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