Why Do Certain Stories Show Up Higher on the New Snapchat?

On November 29th, 2017 Snapchat updated their app to show friends to the left of the camera screen and celebrities and businesses to the right. When you swipe left, you will notice there are stories, texts and updates from friends. These updates are not in order of time when they were sent. This is very different than the Snapchat of the past. Many are asking why stories that are older are showing up higher.

Much like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has applied an algorithm to show you the stories you think you want to see first. This means that if Jennifer posted a story 27 minutes ago and John sent a text 14 minutes go, the story from Jennifer might show up higher. This tells you that Snapchat deems your relationship with Jennifer as stronger than your relationship with John. That said, there may also be weight based upon if it is a video, picture, private text or public story. That, we will likely never know.

Have you noticed stories are showing up out of order? Do you want to change this so texts and stories are different?

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