Are All Stories on the Snapchat Map Public?

When looking at the Snapchat Map, at the blue, yellow and red dots, are the stories that show up public? Are these users that are sending stories to the “My Story” or “Our Story”? Initially, this started out as campus stories and evolved into city and town stories. What if a small town doesn’t have an “our story”? How does this area have videos showing up on the Snapchat Map?

It is our understanding that the stories that are showing up on the Snapchat Map are from users that are sharing their stories to the public. Within the settings of your stories, you can share them with friends, specific friends or to the public. The only way your story is going to show up on the Snapchat Map is to share it to the public and hope that a few other people are sharing stories in the same area.

Have you seen any of your friends on the Snapchat Map stories? Have any of your stories been on the map?

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