Stupid Things People Say on the Internet

Below is a list of comments that were submitted to public posts on Google Plus over a one month span in 2014. These are verbatim and have only been altered to remove some exact names that were mentioned. Please comment below with your favorite “dumb Google Plus comment”. You can just use the number. I particularly like #36 and #43. #80 is also a gem.

  1. U might b right…my friend if there is a good road to walk ..I’ll take that chance .it doesn’t matter if one of use seeing a big rock on top of our Heads ….oops
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  3. it is beauitful piture. do you like baseball and baskball .the weatheris nice today.
  4. Looks amazing wish I could be there actually FedEx me over there just put me in a box and FedEx
  5. Beautiful..but I wonder why sunrises and sunsets look so similar..except that one heralds the beginning and the other depicts the end of a day.
  6. nature wish us good luck
  7. And which percentage of the world has 95 percent of the wealth again? Wake up. This is how the world is. Those at the top want to remain the status quo… Why? So they can keep going to the bank.
  8. The question is, HOW MUCH MONEY DOES ONE NEED TO BE HAPPY? Let the sharks on the top feed on themselves and leave the rest of us to live happily.
  9. Monday is like the last day of the week . The difference depends on one’s way of thinking. Using the computer to put a smile on other’s faces makes your day and is worth all of your other days . Have a great day and always see a smile , it will make up for your hard day . Thanks
  10. Wow!! Have you ever taken photos of the Green Roofs in Chicago? Apparently, the city used to subsidize them, but I don’t know if they do any more.
  11. I think I made a mistake and reposted this picture if I did I am sorry I am new at this.
  12. Tell that to the impoverished that can’t find their next meal… Granted, there are lazy people that put themselves in said situation, however the economic climate doesn’t help.
  13. honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  14. Y cant I post video to Facebook grrr
  15. aaj blue hai water water water or day hai sunny sunny sunny.
  16. Zikar ali pathan
  17. Yeah right i dont believe in superstishon!
  19. she must have broken her face
  20. go ..a.. chick and catch the glory..glimpse ..the star takes bath early at dawn..
  21. Omg are u Okey
  22. Smoke a joint and calm the fuck down. That’s what I’m doing.
  23. pls add camera details
  24. II want all of your pics in my room – next comment: Yep
  25. send some more photos, would like to discuss the technique
  26. mindblowing, hw u hv tkn, what effects used
  27. Jajajajaja! !!
  29. Great eyes to behold. A picture without people and words. Smashing
  30. Beutyfull
  31. omg i love thissssss^^^^^
  32. must seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …. .
  33. amazingggggggggggggggggg .
  34. What’s it yaar
  35. ♫ What does the bush baby say?
  36. I can’t write english
  37. hope many view you send in gmail
  38. what a beautiful…
  39. eye is the best scenes to grab anything in one moment
  40. you have said it all, that is my field of studies
  41. its creepy and its tail looks like a worm.
  42. What’s your phone number
  44. So hot makes me want to get supper drunk
  45. Helppph
  46. Picture…YES…Light…Colors…Atmosphere…
  47. dat thang is A-GA-LY!!!!!!
  48. Ididnthearitwhatkindofamainalisthat
  49. it is aye-aye or bush baby
  50. Very pretty but I definitely couldn’t fit on THAT road!!
  51. Ooosame… Great pic.
  52. just great picture early in the morning or evening too good to see taht
  53. fire upon the tender woods..the star smile..
  54. Tank.s
  55. It’s is not only sun shining it is also sea dancing to say wake up for live
  56. Wow v. Nic Wow, what’s a beautiful G-d’s finger made. And what’s a cleaver photographer’s finger touch.
  57. Nope….Its no 1 followed by 100 zeros!!!!
  58. o shit how dat happen
  59. Beautifullllllllllll captureeeeeeee i like thisssssss
  60. u r very blessed ur photorg r amazing out standing breath taking comes to mind i wish i could be there to see whot u see well done keep them coming 😉
  61. Great yoga position and great for your heart
  62. Hhhhhh h hhhhhh
  63. <<<<<<<< is yelling……….DUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!
  64. high ways where time flows with all impatient elements towards eternity..
  65. I’m the present fan_yippi
  66. very nice…chancles,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!
  67. Invite me 261FD8 (y) ! But don’t forget follow me 🙂 ! Thanks
  68. Dude dats crazy…..F@$# dat sh”$
  69. kya?
  70. AD AKASH
  71. nallagatla nageswararao
  72. That is you I like to play with you
  73. blue river go on
  74. Hello, i’m at the Liabary in Desoto, Thank you. My Book is. Finallised and is of White House in the Trash written of jezebel E.O.D. in Desoto Mississouri thank you Ulrich Jr. James ****** Social Security Number: ***-**-*** Desoto Missouri . Jefferson County Country of Missouri.
  75. Beautiful but deadly! I can imagine a flash car of some description skidding off the road and going into oblivion!
  76. Stop for a moment and savor the color effects, the fine particles, nothing deadly!
  77. Human angel. .I wish could let her on bed
  78. She’s brautiful and sexy.
  79. Dam girl god brought down angles
  80. I want to lick and suck you all for 1000000000000000 times
  81. It was not the first time to be able to do it’would
  82. Face book
  83. Nice to good look?
  84. So many souls being harvested.
  85. David if u get this message—-please cum n get me…I have been trying to gret ahold of u for so long—-i need to talk to u….my number is 480_ 307…6300… please call me or cum by as soon as u can….
  86. Correct. But the people-hating Republicans have no warrant to push people into more discouragement and despair with their cruel statements and their unwillingness to help.
  87. Oh wow so coooool nd ammmmazing bt which iz dis city or ctry … yaaar
  88. Is rainy and it40 out side in .niles Mich I ride my brothers biker its fun
  89. Hey Joe what are you doing meet me on the side of the road thank you for the picture lmao
  90. ou know what we can have fun season of christmas of ice … I remember my self 3 years ago in North Philly I did ice Dragon and peaple love it .yes expecialy all Beautiful kids love it … it was a beautiful things to do and shared ….
  91. I àfred be lost
  92. Wow ¿¿ I live in the country in Oz & this photo is spectacular. Maybe one day I’ll come over and see the Beauty for myself
  93. Mdnorol
  94. ************************************************************************************************************************
  95. Supper seanry gof bless you
  96. Michael it can Be Lights of romantic….color of the New Wave…
  97. Thats make me feels like romantic, love, and put arms around me.
  98. sk.subhanu I love sms
  99. That is Xcellent!!! Anyone want to live pain FREE, Physically & Financially? Send me a message…..
  101. you tub
  102. @
  103. QqqQQqqQQQqI
  104. h h rr gc
  105. Ranjani hai
  106. D a friend for life, You di I love you
  107. That looks so so lcey and the road l would not lime to drive on it fab sun set love it mary
  108. Thehanhkinhdoanh
  109. Budafull
  110. Poon..foom
  111. You. Jus t 6rd
  112. Aww jiss. =D
  113. Smat bird,this is the best thing in the world,i am next,please
  115. That’s how I feel after waking up in the morning pushing a buttion and have muffins
  116. I would like to recommend may of garvey for your next facial. State licensed
  117. log kehte hain jise hum pyar karte hain, Wo ek chand ka tukda hai. Par unhe kya pata jise main pyar karta hun, Chand uska ek tukda hai
  118. Tamilsonghd
  119. Tamilkamasutaratips
  120. bad isssssh
  121. Mimi blot
  123. So peaceful.would love 2 b there nd hv dt peace of mind all by myself
  124. Wo l bllbbb
  125. O ok I really like your comment on life u are a good talker.
  126. u r not only going to give a new lovely life….but also lot of new responsibilities so that i can be professional as well as my personal life…..
  127. i’m with nik Ant
  128. Jesus is lord
  129. Hi im naveed
  130. If I read this rite I don’t few you Jo or I would have been and believe I’m never alone! Try for yourself I’m easy to find always,why because I don’t hide behind anyone or thing
  131. Andies donuts
  132. Is you a girl
  133. Help me wit googlel plus
  134. Hatteras ncBbbbbggyujUu yjjjjjjjhvvcihatteras BC
  135. Well Jesse they scream.with pleasure with me and someone gets jealous and forces them.toleave me or they stalk me and its ok just don’t know how to express why just say they need me without explanation
  136. Where yall women at that is single able to mingle
  137. du l firnd
  138. Really nice like lamp.
  140. One man one girl when are mixersy is give what Plus One Apple and One banana when are mixersy is give Applinana
  141. wow such beuty. to know such beauty styll exist its amazing. can u feel he warmth in ur heart?? 🙂
  142. Next time you refer to it as the Willis Tower I will take a flare gun to your genitals.
  143. How did you get them rocks to pile up under the sun like that? They pet rocks?
  144. Candle is your life,well not be everlasting,but the candle rock,i would say,,forever:-)very creative:-)
  145. Sorry scrimo is real and my phone isn’t the right way to make contact with a beautiful mind. Omar is a lovely baby
  146. that is a great thing to say for uys men fight things in the right way of life it take alot to stay strong for ever body that do beli9ve in better there salfe … Good food for thougth so keep me update on new life tkaing looks.
  147. $@^@”¤ ↓▪:-(◀▶↑◀↑◀:'(→→
  148. °°°
  149. Aloha google Fans. We have Something like here! Other then that your post. Awsome
  150. hi am new here
  151. How you eat what dicks? mother fuck
  152. Holy sweet mother of a red headed step child!!!!! I am throwing my boy a party he and his friends could use an instructor sign me up!!!!!
  153. That ass wooooooow smack that
  154. Ur u a girl
  155. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
  157. Hello how is every one to nite im a 27 year old women looking for some one to talk to 🙂
  158. I lke to belong u
  159. Deer resistance plants
  160. Rolyen the 5th of course I remember the last two weeks. If the answer 7. I have to say thathi f ghfhhdgdhdgdghfhh
  161. Miss you so much, lindsie and my son(josh)
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  163. u knw i do evrythng bt y mind ko cntrl kra ja skta bt bt tera irada wrong hua to hum kahani bna dege nd tum daro haha yes g mai hu mai mtlb nd u lovng me na aur sprit ye v h ki one sided love v hota h mtlb kya question mark nw nw ab to
  164. nw see 8 9 wao kya effective h hahah pehle wala se acha
  165. khwabo ki mehbooba andekhi anjani wao muje to pta v na chala 3 years mai kha ta
  166. I died a year ago June 10th and now I can see the beauty in everything I still can’t walk and my voice isn’t the same but through God and people like u. I’m coming back a better stronger me ur pictures are inspirational and today I look up instead of down! Thank u
  167. Antivayras
  168. I promise Dr.Brave if my husband come back i will shear testimony about him.
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  170. This. .poc. .is. Beautu
  171. Taikuu, for sharing…
  172. DeqqMatt style!”asshole polish asshole!”with support by VIIA“use machine of POLISH car !!!!other brand better! for save of cost buy MONEY!”)COMFORM at this WORLD so!”_humanity all world?same as PICTURE AT FRAME QUARTERS JPJ KULIM OF SULTAN”hmmmmmm…..WHAT, WHY ,when &HOW did realize……ALL WORLD OF HUMANITY2014
  173. Yes lol wat the other than a few weeks ago I am not the new year and I am so we are you are you are you
  174. Look s books Vgkf

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Len Raleigh

On Facebook the spammers engage with multiple pages, not just the ones they are paid to like, in an effort to make their accounts look more natural. Maybe that is why they leave these comments on people’s posts? It is amazing that every network, including Google Plus, is so overrun with spam. I have a theory that they enjoy the fake accounts, that way they can report higher usage of their network, just as reddit did while they were getting off the ground.

Anyways, I pick #82! “Face book”