Will a Sugar Daddy Up Front Me Money Before Going Out?

It should come as no surprise that many sugar daddies will flake out on you. They may claim they want to go grab a cup of coffee, get a bite to eat or go out to eat to see if there is chemistry. All they are really doing is trying to see you in public before they decide they want a relationship with you. Unfortunately, these same men will find a way to disappear very quickly. So, if you have been promised a great date is there any way you can get some or all of the money up front? If you want to know more about finding a sugar daddy add me on Snapchat.

Before assuming that you can convince anyone to give you money, you have to understand their intentions. Is this a guy you just met on Seeking Arrangement or Tinder? Is this someone you have gotten to know for several weeks or months? What is the situation? If you throw out that you would like some extra money up front before you meet you may quickly scare your potential sugar daddy away.

If you can get money up front, how much? Can you get $200 or $300 to meet a guy for a cup of coffee? Is it possible to get half of the agreed upon monthly allowance for companionship before going out? Will they send it to your bank account, PayPal or Venmo? These are all questions many girls want answered before the get dressed up and venture out on a date with any type of sugar daddy.

Note that most sugar daddies are very smart men. They did not become wealthy by being ignorant. If you immediately say that you want money before meeting them, they are going to go to your next option. Some girls will claim they have trust issues or were put in a bad situation the last time they went out. While you may try to pull his heart strings, it probably isn’t going to work. One out of 20 or 30 guys will be dumb enough to fall for this, but most will not.

So, if you are trying to get up money before going out with your sugar daddy note that most are very aware of what you are trying to do which is get money and never show up. If you have never met a guy before, there is a very small chance that you will be able to get any money out of him, even $50 or $100. Keep this in mind when planning out your dates and events in the coming weeks and months.

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