Can I Find a Sugar Daddy on MyGirlFund?

MyGirlFund is the newest “online only” sugar daddy type website. The website allows beautiful young women to create a profile, find a wealthy man, and get paid to talk to him. It seems too good to be true; and sometimes it is. While there are wealthy men looking for something like this, it is not easy to find them. Especially those willing to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you want to know more about finding a sugar daddy¬†add me on Snapchat.

Remember, men work very hard for their money. They are not going to simply hand it over to a young woman online. It is difficult for them to do this because they do not know if the person they are talking to is real. If you have a Snapchat or Instagram account, it will be much easier to prove you are real. In fact, finding a sugar daddy that is on Snapchat is much easier than finding one on a website such as Phrendly or MyGirlFund.

If you really want to find an online only sugar daddy that is not going to meet you in real life, you are going to have to put in some work. You are going to end up talking to about 20 guys that don’t have any money or only have $20 or $40 to give to you. If you are looking for hundreds of dollars a week or thousands of dollars a month it could take quite some time to find a man that can do this.

One of the strategies to actually become successful at the online only sugar baby game is to initiate the conversation. Even if he didn’t ask for sexy pictures, send him one or two on Snapchat. If he is bummed out because he just missed out on a big deal, cheer him up. Rich men need more psychological help than anything. It is always better to get this psychological help from a beautiful young woman.

Try not to spend too much time on one guy if he proves he doesn’t have money. You should be able to quickly figure out if someone has money. If they do, put forth effort and see if that gets you what you are looking for. Ultimately, most guys want to eventually meet in real life. You can tell them that once you are comfortable with them, you could potentially meet them. This is a great way to get started building a trusting and strong relationship.

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