Can I Find a Sugar Daddy on Phrendly?

Phrendly is one of the more popular “dating” websites for those looking for an online only relationship. Not long ago, I wrote about finding an online only sugar daddy that can help you pay your bills. Whether you are behind on your rent or can’t afford your car insurance, there are many reasons to desire an online only sugar daddy. If you want to know more about finding a sugar daddy¬†add me on Snapchat.

If you are looking to find a very wealthy man that is willing to hand you hundreds of dollars for simply chatting with him, or even sexy talk, you should probably look somewhere besides Phrendly. Phrendly is a place in which many tech nerds and geeks hang out because they are socially awkward and do not know how to approach beautiful women in the real world.

While there may be a few rich tech nerds here and there, they are going to be the ones that are not sitting on Phrendly. The successful tech entrepreneurs that have money are working very hard and do not have time to build an online only relationship.

Finding very rich men online is extremely difficult. Most men that have any amount of money have access to women in the real world. They can go on expensive dates and travel to exotic locations, so finding a beautiful young woman is not hard. For this reason, you may have to adjust your online only strategy. It never hurts to start online only but assure a rich man that you will be willing to travel with him once he gains your trust.

You may also want to consider taking it a step further and initiating some of the contact with him. Actually call him first or send sext Snapchat pictures before he asks. Even if he hasn’t sent you money, it never hurts to give him a bit of a tease.

Remember, there are rich men out there that won’t something online, but 99% of them will eventually want to meet you in real life. Remember to stay safe but recognize getting paid for online only “talks” is going to be extremely difficult.

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It seems whether you want to seeking a rich men, you can have a try on Phrendly. Is it a website or online dating app?


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Here’s the website:
Here’s the link to the iOS app:
Here’s a link to the Android app: