How to Get on Suggested People on the New December 2017 Snapchat Update

With the new December 2017 Snapchat update slowly rolling out to users, more and more Snapchatters are finally getting to see the new features. One of these features is “Suggested People” that will show up in the Discover section as well as other parts of the app. With most Snapchat users wanting to grow their followers and views it is likely the case that many will want to be features on Suggested People.

Remember that most of Snapchat’s new update is algorithm based. The Friends List will show updates, snaps and stories based on their algorithm, not time. The same is likely true for the Suggested People. If you are friends of friends or if they watch a lot of stories related to a specific subject in which you are an expert, you may show up as Suggested People.

As soon as we figure out why users are showing up, we will update this article and help you get more followers or friends on Snapchat.

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