Supermodels and Swimsuit Models on Snapchat


If you want to follow the hottest girls on Snapchat you’ve come to the right place!

Anastasia Ashley is making a concerted effort to get her swimsuit model friends more followers on Snapchat. At least once a week she will mention one of her friends that is in her Snapchat videos. You should definitely follow Anastasia Ashley on Snapchat at anastasiaashley. You should also follow her friends:

  • jaimiesullivan
  • elliejeancoffey

As I find more supermodels, swimsuit models and bikini models on Snapchat I will be sure to post them here. It is interesting to see the life of a swimsuit model as they are going to exotic locations every single week. It must be nice to get paid to wear swimsuits and promote products. Honestly, they do a great job of promotion on Snapchat and Instagram so they are worth every penny.

If you know of any models on Snapchat feel free to post them in the comments. Here are a few more:

Andreea Diaconu: @andreeadiddy
Ashley Smith: @asherfats
Chriselle Lim: @chrisellelim
Edie Campbell: @ediecampbell
Eniko Mihalik: @eniko.m
Estelle Chen: @estellechen
Devon Windsor: @devwindsor
Gigi Hadid: @doublegiforce 
Greta Varlese: @gretavarlese
Hailey Baldwin: @haileybisboring
Irene Kim: @ireneisgood
Irina Djuranovic: @eirenedj
Joan Smalls: @joan_smalls
Josephine Skriver: @jojoskriver
Kendall Jenner: @kendalljenner
Larissa Marchiori: @lariimarchiori
Marina Nery: @marinadnery
Molly Bair: @molllsbair
Taylor Hill: @taylor_hill
The Society: @thesocietynyc
Soo Joo Park: @soojoomoojoo
Ysaunny Brito: @ysa03

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