Sydney Sierota, Lead Singer of Echosmith, Snapchat Name

Every single time I hear “Cool Kids” or “Bright” by Echosmith on my phone I mean to look up the lead singer just to see what she looks like. On SiriusXM they are always talking about how she is very good friends with Taylor Swift and how she is going to be the next popular star. Well, after a little research on Sydney Sierota I can see why they are touting her as the next big thing. She is clever, quirky and cute. Here is a photo of her with Taylor Swift:


This was taken from her Instagram account where you can find more pictures of her with Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler and a number of selfies. She has quite the unique look and is into the younger generations fashion. Her style and voice are going to take her anywhere she wants to go.

All that being said, she is going to have to market herself properly if she hopes to get to Taylor Swift levels. One way to do this is to be a star on Snapchat. I scoured all of her profiles and was unable to find her Snapchat name or QR code. If you are a huge fan of the Echosmith lead singer and you have seen her mention her Snapchat name or Snapchat in general please feel free to post this information below.

She was recently on the Hello, Hillary 2016 Snapchat Story singing Cool Kids but there were no personalized Snaps. If she is good friends with Taylor Swift I wonder if they are both going to active support Hillary Clinton in her run for presidency in 2016.

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