Taylor Swift Snapchat Blank Space Face Animation Filter

The latest Snapchat selfie filter is a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift in her Blank Space video. As anyone alive knows, Taylor Swift moves the meter with the under 30 crowd. While apps like MSQRD are trying to replicate Snapchat, the yellow ghost knows exactly what its users want. More Taylor. More Kim and more Kylie. Look for a Kim Kardashian face animation filter in the very near future.

This is what the Taylor Swift Blank Space face animation looks like:


You can see a comparison of the Taylor and this picture of Katelyn Jean Willis in this tweet. You can also watch the Blank Space video here:

One would imagine Taylor is seeing a bump in views to the YouTube video and downloads of her Blank Space song, which makes us think that Snapchat may be working with artists to allow them to sell their songs directly through Snapchat. More coming on that.

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