Texas Lawyers Using YouTube Shorts and TikTok

A new player in the “short video format” game on social media – YouTube Shorts. While most of the chatter was about Instagram Reels not too long ago, YouTube Shorts have ben gaining momentum. There are a number of Texas lawyers that are trying out YouTube Shorts vs TikTok vs Instagram Reels. Basically, if you can produce a vertical format short video of less than 30 seconds, you can gain exposure on the Internet these days.

If lawyers are attempting to rank for How to file a mechanics lien in Texas they are going to have to do some major content work. If they want to gain quick exposure with tips and information related to basic laws and legal information, it would be wise for them to grab their iPhone and take a few short videos. The struggle law firms are having in 2021 and beyond relates to the social networks in which they should spend the most time.

TikTok has an amazing algorithm that puts content in front of eyeballs that want to see it. Unfortunately, TikTok is still a very young app with a young audience. This isn’t the type of audience that is going to retain a lawyer to sue a homebuilder or file a divorce. The audience on TikTok is more interested in what color Lululemon leggings they are going to wear. Instead of making major financial decisions, they are buying their favorite Crocs.

That leads us to YouTube Shorts. YouTube has a huge advantage over TikTok in the fact that there are already billions of people watching videos on the app. All YouTube has to do is to drop the short videos into the feed and creators are going to get thousands of views almost instantly. Instead of having to work several months or even years to build a small audience on TikTok, lawyers can go on YouTube and know that viewers are already searching for legal content.

Instagram Reels and TikTok have their place with many niches and industries. In the legal and financial industries, it makes sense to adopt YouTube Shorts and provide valuable information. No matter which social network law firms decide to publish their videos, it will forever remain that content is king. You have to have great content to get views.

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