The Best Youtube Makeup Vloggers for College Girls

With thousands of makeup and beauty vloggers on Youtube, it can be nearly impossible to figure out who is the most experienced and knowledgeable about makeup and the techniques used to apply it. Unfortunately, as I was looking around on the internet for reliable articles with Youtube makeup vlogger recommendations, I noticed that a lot of the articles are old or skip over makeup artists that are very talented and deserve to be on a list of best Youtube Makeup Vloggers. That is why I am writing this article.

As a senior in college, I have been watching beauty and makeup tutorials for several years and believe I am a fairly reliable source when it comes to vlogger recommendations. In this article I have found and recommended the best makeup vloggers on Youtube. These recommendations come from years of watching and searching for makeup tutorials on my own and wanting other women to be able to easily find the best vloggers out there.

10 Best Makeup Vloggers on Youtube:

This is just my opinion and they are in no particular order! There are so many successful beauty vloggers on Youtube and vloggers that incorporate makeup tutorials into their channel. However, the list of women below is made up of experienced makeup artists with a high level of technique and product knowledge and a considerably high Youtube following. Also, their channels almost exclusively feature videos about makeup, skincare and haircare, rather than lifestyle videos, making it easier for you to find what you are looking for!

1. Lauren Curtis – 3.4M Subscribers

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Lauren was the very first makeup vlogger that I ever subscribed to and watched religiously. She is completely self-taught, but has so much product and technique knowledge and is now Australia’s #1 beauty vlogger. She is so positive and bubbly, which makes her so fun to watch and she often uses lower-end products (or mentions them), making this channel a college girl must-watch! Oh and did I mention her boyfriend (hopefully soon-to-be fiance), that occasionally guest stars in her videos is so so dreamy? Here is the video that made me fall in love:

2. Nikkie Tutorials – 2.7M Subscribers

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Nikkie is my new obsession. She is SO GOOD! I found her when I was looking to try a new liquid foundation and found her “Power of Makeup” video, which went viral and has been redone by just about every makeup vlogger out there. Her eyebrow tutorials are also some of the best. She is absolutely hilarious, making her so fun to watch and has new videos up every Wednesday and Sunday. I will say Nikkie tends to use a lot of higher-end products, but her technique is definitely worth watching, and if you are trying to spend a little extra then she can definitely give you tips on what to invest in.

3. Stephanie Lange – 534K Subscribers

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Stephanie is also a new recent find of mine, and I am really loving her videos. I would say out of almost all the makeup vloggers on this list (with the exception of Makeup Geek), she does the best job explaining why she uses certain techniques. This is great because when I first started doing makeup I just went along with what makeup vloggers did and didn’t ask questions, but now I know how to explain my techniques to friends trying to learn. Here’s the first video I watched of hers:

4. Jaclyn Hill – 2.8M Subscribers

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Jaclyn Hill is one of Youtube’s tried and true makeup stars. She is going to be on any “best makeup vloggers” list you ever find and there’s a reason for that. She knows her stuff. She has so much product knowledge and is not afraid of experiencing with drugstore products, which is great for me, because as a college student I feel like I’m always broke. She used to work for MAC, so she knows a lot about their products and they appear a lot in her videos, but I don’t mind because who doesn’t love MAC?

5. Carli Bybel – 4M Subscribers

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Every woman I know is beautiful in their own way, but Carli is so stunning I can never stop watching her. I know I keep saying this about every vlogger on this list, but she has so much product knowledge and is super sweet. She does a great job incorporating drug store products into her Youtube channel in drug store hauls and also has several hair and fashion videos, giving her channel a lot of variety. Carli also has an eyeshadow and highlighting palette with BH Cosmetics which is so amazing and very affordable ($12.50 on sale right now).

6. Nicole Guerriero – 2.5M Subscribers

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In my opinion, Nicole is the most fun makeup vlogger to watch on Youtube. She is constantly cracking jokes and having a fun time. My favorite thing about her channel is how much she caters to women who are doing their makeup on a budget. She has a ton of videos about the best drug store products, makeup tutorials on a budget, etc. Oh and her hair is always looking so beautiful.

7. Makeup Geek – 1.2M Subscribers

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If you haven’t yet heard of Makeup Geek, get ready to be impressed. Marlena Stell was once a high school music teacher with a passion for makeup that started a Youtube channel and now is the CEO of a $10 million dollar company known as Makeup Geek. She worked tirelessly to learn about how makeup was made and started her own line, meaning that her tutorials are PACKED with information about each product and the techniques used to apply them. She is by far the most knowledgeable makeup artist I have found on Youtube and her How-To videos have taught me so much about how to apply my makeup.

8. Shaaanxo – 2.3M Subscribers

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Shannon Harris is New Zealand’s #1 makeup guru and is known for her very feminine, soft, and girly makeup looks. This is perfect for me, because I tend to shy away from super bold colors, as do most girls learning how to do their makeup. Another reason I love her is because she incorporates “cheap” makeup into her videos. She has new videos up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday – check her out!

9. Danielle Mansutti – 968K Subscribers

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Dani is another one of my newer Youtube finds and I am loving her channel! She is so positive and smiley and makes putting on makeup seem effortless. She is only 21 years old, but really knows her stuff. I also love how much she incorporates Rimmel into her makeup tutorials because it is so affordable! She has new videos up every Tuesday and Friday.

10. Chloe Morello – 1.4M Subscribers

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Chloe is definitely one of the most underrated makeup vloggers on Youtube. This is not that she isn’t super successful (because she is), she just isn’t talked about as much as some of the other girls on this list; I personally stumbled upon her channel when first found her. I love her because her final makeup looks are so natural and those are my go-to looks every day. Start watching her and I know you will not be disappointed!


Do you have a favorite beauty or makeup vlogger that isn’t on this list? Comment below!

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