Is TikTok The New Place for Golf Instruction Videos?

If you have played golf in your life, you know instruction is not only suggested, it is necessary. While YouTube has been the place for video golf instruction for the last decade we are now starting to see more and more golfers, golf instructors and parody golf accounts on TikTok. While have not created a personal TikTok account, I do go on the app just to see how the algorithms work on the For You page. It did not take TikTok long to figure out I was a golfer.

Now, when I go on TikTok, about 25% to 40% of the videos on the For You page are golf videos. Out of those, about half are instructional videos. While I understand that almost every amateur golfer in America (and the world) is willing to take a little bit of advice from a professional, I am not one of those. Anything I see on the Internet in terms of golf instruction is simply entertainment for me. I have no interest in listening to their “expertise”.

Golf is an industry in which if you are at the top of your game you do not need to promote yourself on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or any type of social media. You will never see Butch Harmon giving out swing tips on video. If you want swing tips from Butch Harmon you are going pay $5000 an hour and you are going to have to fly to him.

It is the same for most PGA Tour level instructors. That said, the number of people looking at TikTok golf videos is growing exponentially. There is no argument to be made that TikTok’s algorithms are the best in terms of social media. After I go to the range or play a round of golf the first thing I see on my TikTok is funny golf TikToks, college golfers showing me their swing or instruction videos. It is all in due time before the country clubs and resorts put videos on TikTok to attract more visitors. There is no reason the Cashiers private country clubs and golf courses shouldn’t have videos on TikTok. Expect this to happen in 2021 and beyond.

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