The Tinder Dating Series by Farrell Sweeney

Here they are in all their glory. Take the time to reach each and every one by Farrell:

  1. Tinder and Boyfriends: Two Nouns That Do Not Belong In The Same Sentence
  2. Why Do So Many People Use Tinder?
  3. Tinder’s Effect on Dating for Millennials
  4. Where Did Dating Go?

Farrell in her own words, “If you are a millennial, particularly a single female millennial, this article is a read that should be on your radar. It is called “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse,’” and it was recently published online by Vanity Fair. The article has picked up quite a bit of press, so naturally, I feel the need to publish my opinions on the dating app”

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