Topsy No Longer Shows Tweet Activity and Analytics

When Apple purchased Topsy it was all in due time before changed. This is very unfortunate for someone like me that enjoys looking at the number of times a specific keywords were tweeted in any given period. When accessing Internet browsers redirect to In fact, this redirect makes absolutely no sense to me because all it does is explain how to search on an iPhone. Is this what Topsy has become?

Apple has been trying to create a valuable search engine for years but to take away Topsy is just crazy. This is what it looks like to access in December 2015


For anyone looking for Twitter Analytics or trends it looks as if we will have to go elsewhere. This is not a service I am willing pay for so it looks like Twitter will become even more less relevant for me. The stock price of Twitter as tumbled to a multi year low and it looks like the company is not going to survive. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple decided to buy the entire Twitter company. If Twitter is not bought out I just can’t see how they will make money.

Is there any chance Google still has an interest in Twitter? I think it would end up being too much of a loss leader for Google to even consider.

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