Are Tweaks or Edits Coming to Snapchat Stories?

Recently, one of my followers sent me a private chat picture of a “Tweaks” screen he found through his stories. He said if you double tap on a story with both thumbs you will see a “Tweaks” screen. I tried this a few times and could not get it to come up. Eventually, when I double and triple tapped with both thumbs I found it. Here is what it looks like:

snapchat-treak-edit-screen snapchat-reset-tweaks-screen

Notice there are no “tweaks” or edits that have been completed.You have the option to reset tweaks with the warning:

Are you sure?

Are you sure you want to reset your tweaks? This cannot be undone.

I clicked Reset and nothing happened. Obviously, this is only going to change a story when edits or “tweaks” have been made.

Here is a YouTube video of what it looks like:

I would imagine that as we move forward Snapchat will allow users to change, edit or “tweak” their stories throughout the day. This makes sense as there have been many times I want to add something or take away something from a story. This has mostly been text as I have misspelled something but I think it would be cool to be able to add a short video or picture to a story as well.

I have always wanted to use Snapchat in a similar fashion to Vine by recording a short video, stopping, then recording another video right behind it. When recording on Snapchat it must be a continuous video as you cannot take your thumb off the record button and still be able to add or tweak a video. This might be something we see in the next update.

Does anyone have any predictions when it comes to the “tweak” function on Snapchat? Is this something you would want to do? Would you like to edit or tweak some of your stories that have already been posted?

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Man… It doesn’t work on my android but when I triple tap on someone story I can watch ALL story without hold my finger on screen o.O


It also comes up on the photo screen, when you’re taking a snap. That’s where I accidentally stumbled across it. So I doubt it’ll have much to do with editing the stories, more with changing the functionality of the app in different ways? Who knows?


This is so weird and exciting I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE IT lol!


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Mine comes up with an option to “Export” and when i tap it, it comes up with an email function with a “snapchat-tweaks-v9.9…” file already in the email. I typed in my email address and sent it to myself but nothing has come yet