Will Twitter Lose Traffic with Google Search Integration?

When Twitter first struck a deal with Google most felt as if this would give Twitter the extra boost of exposure it needed to start actually making some money. I actually think it is going to be the exact opposite. Here is a story as to why:

One of my friends messaged me and said, “Seth Davis is getting salty of Twitter”. Instead of opening the Twitter app and searching for Seth Davis, which is clunky, I simply Googled “Seth Davis Twitter” and this is what I saw:


At the very top of Google search I can scroll (from left to right) through Seth Davis’ last four or five tweets. This is all I needed to see. I have no interest in following Seth Davis nor do I want to open Twitter to see all the other opinions related to topics I have no interest.

I think more and more people are going to start doing this. Twitter search is painful. It is especially painful on mobile. If you don’t type the exact Twitter name in properly it will give you results for Twitter users that are insignificant. If you search a specific keyword phrase there is a search for top tweets and a search for live. Why is this so clunky? Oh, that’s right, because Twitter wasn’t built for mobile or search.

Over the last three years I have told hundreds of clients and business partners that social media does not provide revenue. Most people do not go to social media with the intent to buy or search. If you want to search something you will go to Google. Look for a large number of Internet users to use Google mobile search to get quick Twitter updates from a specific individual.

We are at a point in social media that we are sick and tired of following people we don’t know because they simply are not that interesting other than a handful of times a year. At one point I am certain I followed Seth Davis. Then I realized he was tweeting about things that were not important in my life. Now, I can just go to Google and search Seth Davis Twitter when I want a quick update. Once again, Google wins and social media companies lose. Carry on.

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