Twitter Tweets Showing Up in Google Mobile Search on May 22nd, 2015

UPDATE: Google Mobile Search is now updating Tweets instantly. Here is one that I tested and it took less than 10 seconds.


We knew this day was coming but very few people predicted Tweets showing up in Google search would be limited to mobile. This may be a test weekend because it is a holiday weekend, Memorial Day, but right now I am only seeing “Popular on Twitter” in the Google Mobile search results. I am using an iPhone 5s but I would imagine the search results are similar on an Android. I will check it shortly. Here is what Tweets within Google mobile search looks like:


It looks as if¬†Google is allowing eight to 10 tweets with the oldest being 30 minutes ago. I tried many other “real time” events and could not get the Popular with Twitter to show up on desktop. Give it a try on mobile and see if you can get some real time searches to populate Twitter Tweets. I would imagine the only way you will see Tweet within search is a long tail keyword search or a real time event. You can be rest assured that any “money” keywords that cost over $50 on Google Adwords are not going to populate the Twitter box.

Note that on mobile when you search “Obama” or “Hillary Clinton” there are Tweets in the search results but those are Tweets from that specific user and not all of Twitter. This “celebrity” algorithm¬†populates tweets from up to several days ago. Interestingly, I did a search for “Ryan Reynolds” on Google mobile and the Tweets are not from Ryan Reynolds but from other Twitter users talking about him and his upcoming movies; specifically Deadpool. There are a lot of different results showing up on mobile right now and Google has assured us that we will see them on desktop in the near future.

Something else usual is Google showing Images and Videos within the search results without having to click the tabs. With Tweets, Images and Videos you can slide results from right to left to get more results. I think this is something Google is going to start doing a lot more as I saw “related searches” sliding right to left not too long ago on my smartphone.

I will continue to monitor this moving forward as it could be a huge change for SEO and search professionals.


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