Undo Synced Contacts or Delete My Contacts on Snapchat

When looking at My Contacts on Snapchat you will sometimes see people that you deleted from your phone. Unfortunately, they will continue to show up on Snapchat, for even months after you deleted them. This can cause all kinds of drama. If you start dating someone and they look at your phone, they may wonder why you have specific girls or boys in your “My Contacts” on Snapchat.

It is also the case that Snapchat automatically syncs your contacts with Snapchat. If you add anyone to your phone you are going to see them in My Contacts for quite some time. It does not look as if there is any way to delete a contact or remove a contact from My Contacts. The best way to avoid any trouble in your relationship is to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend the truth. Let them know that that person was in your phone at one point but has since been deleted.

It is also the case that if they are showing up in “My Contacts” on Snapchat Add Friends they are not your friend on Snapchat so you have that going in your favor.

Have you found a way to delete contacts or undo the sync of My Contacts on Snapchat?

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Is there any way I can get those numbers back even though they are deleted out of my phone ?


Ask them for their number


Lmao that’s hilarious that would be the thing to do