Why Unique Personal Injury Lawyer Blog Posts Are So Important

Over the course of the last several years a large number of webmasters have contacted me to guest write for their blog or website. I was honestly shocked at the interest in my writing ability as I never thought I was a great writer. After working with a number of personal injury lawyers and mortgage brokers I now realized why so many were interested in my skills. Very few copywriters and content writers have the ability to create truly unique content.

When a writer is asked to write an article about Oklahoma City DUI laws they are likely going to simply go to some of the top websites in the Google search and copy and paste the content. They may even head over to Wikipedia or some local Oklahoma tourism sites to get some more information. Instead of writing a unique blog post or resource they just copy and paste the content. Obviously, this is the easy way out. Unfortunately, they do not have the skill to create a piece of content that is truly unique and valuable to readers.

From an SEO perspective this content is worthless. If you are a personal injury lawyer and you are paying for content that is copied and pasted or duplicated you are wasting your money. You must be 100% certain that the content on your website is truly unique. If you cannot verify that this content is unique you are walking on thin ice. Google algorithms see no value in copied content so it could actually hurt your website.

Over the last few weeks I have been making a push to encourage lawyers and attorneys to publish content that has never been published on the web before. If you can be the first website to make an announcement or break news as it relates to a car accident or legal topic Google is going to rank your website higher. This is a challenge for many as it takes creativity and hard work to publish truly unique content.

It is worth it to pay a premium for this great content. Even if it is higher priced than other SEO firms or copywriting companies, it is well worth it. If your content is the exact same as a lawyer in another state you are not going to see your search rankings increase. If you would like to discuss this in greater detailĀ feel free to reach out to me at jwojdylo@gmail.com. I also offer content writing and copywriting services in which I can guarantee every single lawyer the articles are unique. I strive to come up with topics that no one else has written and I personally write the articles that will be published on your website. I can promise there will be no copied and pasted content coming from me.

Tip: If you Google a title in quotes you will see how many websites have published content related to this exact topic. If the number of search results that come up is over 1000 you may want to consider writing the topic in a different way.


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