Will Universities Use Snapchat to Alert Students of Events in the Future?

Universities send out text alerts and emails to students regularly, but a snap alert might just be the best new way to dish out important messages. Sending a quick 10 second snap to students, including images and details about what is happening could be a great way to deliver news.

A recent incident at JMU involving police officers and armed snipers engaging in a standoff with two people in an off campus apartment complex kept everyone on edge. If JMU officials had used Snapchat, information about the situation might have been disseminated more quickly. There were many people stuck in the apartments afraid they would be shot if they left, and many on campus fearing for their friends in the apartments, with little information known.

Snapchat could also be a way to publicize the fun events that are being held to show students what they’re missing and where they can go to join. It is unclear if Universities will use Snapchat to alert students, but advertising clubs and events through a JMU Snapchat might just be the smartest and most efficient way to spread word around campus.

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