How Do You Unsubscribe From a Snapchat Discover Channel?

For the first time in quite some time, I watched an entire video from a Snapchat Discover Channel. Admittedly, it was a very well done preview of the College Football National Championship Game by ESPN. There were some great videos from both Clemson and Alabama and there was a sounding board by fans. Rece Davis even had some witty quips about Snapchat.

At the end of the video it stated that you could Swipe Up to subscribe. Unfortunately, it does not explain what this means. I would assume it means I will see the ESPN Discover Channel as one of my top Discover Channels in the future? This would make sense as more and more Snapchat users are demanding the ability to select what is on their Discover Channel.

It also makes sense as it will allow Snapchat to show ESPN and other advertisers just how many subscribers they have. Snapchat subscribers will be worth quite a bit because they sit in the app for an extended period of time. They are worth much more than email subscribers or Facebook and Twitter subscribers that only see a small amount of the content that is posted or sent.

All that being said, how do we manage or unsubscribe the Discover Channels on Snapchat? I have scoured the app and cannot find anywhere that it explains which channels you are subscribed to or the ability to unsubscribe. Hopefully Snapchat will explain this in early 2017. For the time being, I guess we will have to be very careful which channels we subscribe to on Snapchat.

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Scroll to your subscriptions and hold down on the feed. It will pop up a window and you just click subscribed to unsubscribe.


Thank you!!!

Javier Del Castillo
Javier Del Castillo

I enrolled today on a three day trial and had to difficult a time using the website. I want to unsubscribe immediately. Please do not try to convince me to stay on the site.