Can I Upload Entire Snapchat Stories to YouTube?

This is a question many people following me on Snapchat have asked. Obviously, if the video is yours you have all rights to it. This means you can download it to your phone and share it on YouTube or any video sharing website such as Vimeo. The questionable content is what is shared by the official Snapchat company. All Snapchat users can view the Stories shared by Snapchat and they can even download them to their computer if they know how. I recently uploaded the entire CMA Music Festival video to YouTube.

UPDATE: I decided to take this video down as I don’t want to go through any bit of the legal process. It is better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.

I have no desire to make any money off this video. I am not going to put ads on it and really don’t even plan to promote it in any way. I just want country music fans to be able to relive the Snapchat Story later in time. If I were trying to monetize and make tons of money off this particular video I think that would be illegal and I would be asked to take it down by Snapchat and/or YouTube. The fact that it is for pleasure viewing only likely makes it legal.

That said, I am not a lawyer and I do not study copyright literature. If Snapchat or YouTube asks me to take it down I will be more than happy to. At this point, I think the company that is hosting the video is the one that is held liable for any legal actions. This means YouTube will politely ask me to take this video down or they will remove it themselves.

If you know any of the legalities of posting a full length Snapchat video on YouTube please feel free to comment below and educate us. Is this video legal?

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