How to Use Emojis on Yik Yak

Yik Yak gets more popular every single day. After reaching #3 on the iTunes free apps chart the Yik Yak company has reported there are over 100,000 active users. I firmly believe this number is very low. In fact, I would say the number is going to be five times that by the end of October 2014. Some of the most talked about Yaks are those with emojis. Yakers are asking how to use emojis on Yik Yak and it really is not all that hard. It is as easy as “copy and paste”.

The easiest way to do it is to send a text to yourself with the emojis you want to use. Once you receive the text you can hold down, with your finger, the “text” of the text message and it will allow you to copy. Once you have copied the emojis and/or text you can then open your Yik Yak app and click the “Post” or “What’s on your mind” tab in the upper right of the Yik Yak app. You can then hold down your finder, on the iPhone, and paste what has been copied. It will then look like this:


I have yet to try this method on Android but I know Android is much more clunky when it comes to copy and paste. You cannot copy and paste text or links to Twitter on Android. This makes me believe that it will likely be the case with other apps. When I get the opportunity I will try to use some of the Android emojis to see if they will paste to Yik Yak. In the meantime, enjoy pasting your emojis to Yik Yak. If you want more Yakarma you will find a clever way to use them.

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