Are Vegans Created on Instagram and Snapchat?

In the last decade, millions of people have taken on the challenge of becoming Vegan. What started as a fad has grown into a lifestyle. While Leonardo DiCaprio started the education with Cowspiracy, which is now on Netflix, it seems to be the case that tens of thousands have taken to Snapchat and Instagram to promote a Vegan lifestyle. So, are we finding that more and more Vegans are created on social media? With social media influencers having more influence today than ever, are teenagers and college students more willing to try going Vegan because their favorite star is doing the same?

While we are seeing quite a bit of growth in overall health accounts on Snapchat, Instagram and on YouTube, there are a ton of Vegan blogs and websites out there as well. Interestingly, it seems to be that most Vegan blows and websites are from those older than 30. More than anything, it is Vegan moms or Vegan dads. It is crazy to see how few millennials are actually building websites and instead are simply using their social profiles.

If someone like Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau or Shan Dawson announces they are going Vegan, you can be rest assured that tens of thousands of teenagers and college students will look up information on going Vegan.

We have not been as active looking for accounts on Snapchat and Instagram lately, but in our past experience, most accounts that were focused on food or eating were more related to going out to restaurants or enjoying events out on the town. If a Vegan really wants to go viral and make a difference, they would focus solely on Vegan meals while out and about in their city or town. If they created a Vegan eating guide for UNC, they would get quite a bit of attention.

Are you seeing more Vegans and Vegetarians on Snapchat and Instagram in 2019 and heading into 2020?

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