Why Are Venmo Profile Pictures Blurry?

Over the last three (3) days, many people have reported seeing blurry profile pictures on Venmo. The trend started happening on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019. On Sunday, November 24th, 2019 the profile pictures were back to full clarity. Then, on Monday, November 25th, 2019, the profile pictures were back to blurry.

One would think Venmo may be testing this out for users that have a public Venmo account but do not want other users to see their profile picture. Now that Venmo is pushing into the sharing of transactions even harder with the Venmo Cash Rewards showing up in your Venmo feed, it stands to reason that the users on the main stream, not your friend stream, would have blurred pictures.

It may also be the case that Venmo is working to expand even further and does not want to put their users profile pictures out for the world to see. We know that PayPal, the owner of Venmo, recently purchased Honey. Honey is a plugin that allows users to find coupon codes on the Internet. It makes sense that Venmo would integrate this into Venmo and PayPal.

So, why exactly are Venmo profile pictures blurry? Is this simply a bug or a glitch that is getting fixed? Is it a longer term trend in which Venmo wants you to user your profile in more places than just on the Venmo app hence the need for more privacy? What do you think?

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