Video Horror Shorts (V/H/S) Snapchat Show


Season 1

Episode 1 – Trailer: Horror in the Palm of Your Hand

Episode 2 – Horror: Stray Dog

Episode 3 – This Park Lot Horror Story Will Freak. You. Out.

Episode 4 – Could You Survive This Terrifying Night?

Episode 5 – You’ve Never Had a First Kiss Like This!

Feel free to discuss this Snapchat Original Show in the comments below. Many people have been asking if there is going to be a season 2 for October 2019 leading up to Halloween. With many Snapchat Original Shows being a major success, it is likely the case that we will see a Season 2. What types of shows do you want in Season 2? Haunted Houses? Stranger Things? Stephen King books?

You can also discuss individual episodes in the comments below. There are no message boards or discussion forums for the Snapchat Show Video Horror Shorts so you can talk about it here. Maybe there will be some celebrities or YouTube stars in Season 2? Is this a Snapchat Show you enjoyed and want back for a second season?

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