Warning Signs He is Cheating on Snapchat and Social Media

Let’s start off by saying that going through your boyfriend or husband’s phone does not make you crazy, it makes you smart. People cheat and they do it often so it is always better to be prepared. There are some obvious signs he is cheating via Snapchat or Social Media.

He is getting snaps from “Gary” at all hours of the day and you have no idea who Gary is. If Gary is his number one Snapchat friend and you have no idea who Gary is, maybe Gary is Giselle and you should start to worry. If he is always sending snaps and you very rarely are getting any, then you may want to start to worry. Yes, the cute filters are fun to send to your close friends and family but always remember Gary. Men are not always the brightest but they are smart enough to put their side piece’s name in their phone as a man’s name to try to throw you off.

One girl likes all his pictures on Instagram and every post on Facebook, except for the ones involving you. You can pretty much see everything he does on all social media accounts if you look in the right places. If you are seeing a lot of one particular female, stalk that bitch. We all do it, don’t lie. If it seems suspicious it probably is, confront him about it and gage his reaction. It will tell you a lot.

You can’t get within two feet of his phone without him panicking. If the thought of you alone with his phone induces vomit, you have a major issue. If it is always face down on the table and goes with him when he showers, you have an issue.

Do your homework. If something seems off, trust your instinct. Don’t believe their lies, because if you stay in a relationship when you know he is cheating then you have no one to blame but yourself.

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