How to Watch Snapchat Stories Without Holding Down on an iPhone

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I recently wrote about the trick to watch Snapchat Stories and Videos without pressing down on the Android but I mentioned this trick did not work on the iPhone. Well, I found a work around. It is a little more difficult as you have a few more steps but once you figure it out it is pretty easy. Here is how you do it.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility

Scroll down on Accessibility and go to Guided Access > Turn guided access on

You must set a passcode for your guided access. Use 1111 or 2222 to make it very easy.

Once you have done this you can exit out and go to Snapchat. When watching a Snapchat video you must hold down the screen, tap the home button (round button on the bottom of your iPhone) three times. Continue to hold the screen and press the home button another three times. The Guided Access Passcode screen while pop up. Put in your passcode and the video should remain playing.

The Guided Access option on the iPhone is created for you to take out parts of your screen. You can actually draw circles and squares on the Snapchat story or video and edit them out. Just hit the “Resume” button on the upper right hand corner of your iPhone and you will be able to watch the video with no hands. If this is complicated here is a video of how to do it by Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates. You can follow them at TheRealDrMiami on Snapchat.

This is an awesome feature. You can actually set your iPhone down and watch entire stories. This is very effective for those that don’t want to sit and hold their finger down for the three or four minutes Snapchat Stories.

Have you tried it? Does it work for you?

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This will be a lifesaver for my poor thumb, as when I get home after work I often have stories of 400 seconds long.

Thank you doing this blog, very informative and interesting.