What the Fashion Snapchat Show

Season 2

Episode 1 – What is Hailey Bieber Wearing Out to Lunch?!

Episode 2 – Where TF is The Rest of Cardi B’s Outfit?!

Episode 3 – Can Cardi B Make This Work?!

Episode 4 – Can Madison Beer Take Down Bella?!

Episode 5 – Selena Paid How Much For That?!

Episode 6 – Kendall Wore This to NYFW?!

Episode 7 – Which Trend Has Kim Steaming?!

Episode 8 – Where TF Is The Rest of Kendall’s Dress?!

Episode 9 – What’s Giving Justin Dream Sweats?!

Episode 10 – Is Nick Jonas Serving Major Face?!

Episode 11 – Justin Paid How Much For This?!

Episode 12 – Which Sister is Kim Kardashian Battling?!

Episode 13 – Which Celebs Are Thirsty AF?!

Episode 14 – Is This GOT Look Fire or Ice?!

Episode 15 – Which JoBro Is Getting Canceled?!

Episode 16 – Did Rihanna Risk It All For This?!

Episode 17 – Has This Left RiRi On The Outs?!

Episode 18 – Did Cardi B Get Played At The Met Gala?!

Episode 19 – Kendall Paid How Much For This?!

Episode 20 – Can Kendall Make Bucket Hats Classy?!

Episode 21 – Should Harry Have Just Kept It Casual?!

Episode 22 – Is Selena’s Airpot Style Ready For Take Off?!

Season 1

Episode 1 – Why is Gigi Dressed Like a Genie?!

Episode 2 – Watch: WTF is Cardi B Wearing?!

Episode 3 – Watch: WTF is Solange Wearing?!

Episode 4 – Watch: WTF is Bella Wearing in NYFW?!

Episode 5 – Watch: Why is Bella Wearing PJ’s?!

Episode 6 – Watch: What Did Zendaya Do To Her Coat?!

Episode 7 – Watch: Why is Selena Looking TB AF?!

Episode 8 – Watch: Did Miley Have a Major F**k Up on Sunday?!

Episode 9 – Watch: Can Selena Ex-Plain This Outfit?!

Episode 10 – Watch: Sofia & Kourtney Dress Exactly Alike!

Episode 11 – Who’s Got Slam Dunk Style?!

Episode 12 – Is Bieber Hot Enough to Pull This Off?!

Episode 13 – Are You Crazy In Love With Beyonce’s Look?!

Episode 14 – What are Bella & Gigi Wearing?

Episode 15 – Did Cardi B Wake Up Like This?!

Episode 16 – OMG, Where Are Blake’s Pants?!

Episode 17 – Have You Seen The New Kylie??

Episode 18 – Is Braless Bella Classy or Trashy?!

Episode 19 – Is Gigi’s Selfie Basic AF?!

Episode 20 – Does Hailey Baldwin Look Better with Bieber?!

Episode 21 – Can Kendall Make This Cool?!

Episode 22 – Why is Emrata Dressing Like Kendall?!

Episode 23 – Is This How a Billionaire Dresses?!

Episode 24 – Is Taylor Swift Back in Style?!

Episode 25 – Who’s Spying on Hailey & Justin?!

Episode 26 – What is Hailey Wearing?!

Episode 27 – Can Kim Knockout Kylie’s Style?!

Episode 28 – Emrata’s Look is Thirsty AF!

Episode 29 – Cardi Post Baby: We’re Lovin It

Episode 30 – Can Cardi Knockout Nicki’s Style?!

Episode 31 – Who’s Getting Spotted in This?!

Episode 32 – Who Won the Emmy’s Red Carpet?!

Episode 33 – This Outfit Costs How Much?!

Episode 34 – WTF Did Cardi Wear in Paris?!

Episode 35 – Which Celeb is Thirsty AF?!

Episode 36 – N/A

Episode 37 – These Are Bella & The Weeknd’s Back Together Looks?!

Episode 38 – Bella Paid How Much For This Look?

Episode 39 – Which Celeb Won Halloween This Year?!

Episode 40 – Did This Look Earn Bella Her Wings?!

Episode 41 – Whose Courtside Outfit Is A Slam Dunk?!

Episode 42 – Would You Go Out Wearing These?!

Episode 43 – Would You Wear This Holiday Shopping?!

Episode 44 – Hailey Bieber Paid How Much For That?!

Feel free to discuss the Snap Original Show “What the Fashion” below. Many people are wondering how much a certain dress, pair of heels or piece of jewelry costs. You may also ask where to find a knock off or cheap version of one of the outfits. Maybe you can get it at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or thrift it at Goodwill or a thrift store. Ask any question or start a discussion about the show and the celebrities. This is the only “What the Fashion” guide and discussion forum on the Internet so please pass it along to your friends and tell them to join in on the conversation.

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