Can I See Who He Snapped Before He Met Me?

There are millions of middle school, high school and college girls that are considering dating a guy. While dating is used very loosely now, eventually all females have to decide if they want to be exclusive with one specific guy. Before making this decision, many will do a little bit of stalking online. They will check out who he has talked to on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Most importantly, girls want to know who he Snapped before he met them.

Was he Snapchatting an ex girlfriend before you two met? Did he have a list of girls he would mass Snapchat when you were getting one of these mass Snapchats? Were you just the next girl on the list? Is there any way to find this information out?

Sadly, you will not know who he was Snapping before he met you. If you catch it early enough, you can look on his phone to see his best friend emojis, but those will likely change as your relationship develops. You may want to see who he was following and talking to on Instagram and Twitter when you two first started talking. If those names start to come up in your relationship in the future, you may have to worry that he is seeing other girls.

One of the most telling signs of a cheater or someone that is not faithful is a guy that has hundreds, and thousands, of girls that he follows on social media. If his friends on Instagram and Twitter are all girls, you can rest assured all his friends on Snapchat are girls too. We all know that Snapchat is the cheating app so protect yourself before you fall in love with this type of guy.

If you are hoping to get him to tell you about all the girls he sent dirty Snapchats too you are at a loss. No guy is going to give you this information. If you have any doubts in the back of your mind, they are probably true. Do not stay in a relationship in which you have to worry about what your boyfriend is doing when you two are not together – it simply isn’t worth it.

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