Who Runs the Bill Murray Twitter Account and Is It For Sale?

There are very few Twitter accounts with celebrity names that are not verified. One that is is @BillMurray. It clearly states in the bio that it is not Bill Murray but I am certain many Twitter users assume it is the real Bill Murray. Here is the bio:


Many people wonder who is running these anonymous or parody accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. You can obviously email this individual to see if they will reveal themselves but I have a strong feeling that is not going to happen. The only way they will respond to an email is if it is an advertising or money inquiry.

Which brings me to my next question, “Is the Bill Murray Twitter account for sale?” If so, how much is it worth? Most people think their Twitter account is worth much more than it really is. That said, this account has over 500k followers and gets quite a bit of engagement. It is worth something but who really knows what. I would imagine the owner of this account has found it difficult to make a significant amount of money off this account. I could be wrong. I doubt it.

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