Why Facebook Dominates Google for Live Events

Facebook will continue to dominate Google for live events for the foreseeable future. Over the last week we worked on a website that was focused on real time events in the month of December. We created unique content, build some great online relationships and were even shared on Reddit and message boards throughout the Internet. We were set up to thrive when the event happened.

We were very excited to see that we ranked on the front page of Google search for many keywords related to said event. As soon as we published the content, fetched and rendered it and submitted it to Google it ranked very well – for about 24 to 48 hours. Obviously, we wanted to plan ahead and have all of this content published so we completed it about a week prior to the event starting.

About 48 to 72 hours after the articles were crawled and ranked they suddenly disappeared. In fact, they disappeared just hours before the event was set to go live. The timing couldn’t have been worse.

From an SEO perspective, nothing was done wrong. In fact, it was as good as it can get. What we learned is that Google still isn’t ready to tackle real time events or real time news. Facebook is set up so much better even though only 5% of an audience can be reached.

Our results for this real time event are as follows:

  • Facebook visitors – 912
  • Google Search Visitors – 140

We are 100% positive Google Search Visitors would have been well over 2000 had the article shown up in Google Search just before and while the event was taking place. Sadly, for no reason whatsoever, the article disappeared for about 24 hours while the event was going on.

Since then, the article has reappeared in search and now ranks #1 for every keyword related to the event. Sadly, no one is ever going to search for this event again unless it happens again next year.

The more we hope Google will figure out real time and live events the more we get discouraged. Unless you are a website with 100s of links and are years old you do not have a chance to rank for specific real time events, in the moment.

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