Is My Wife Hiding the Snapchat App on Her iPhone or Android Phone?

Social media has been the root cause of many broken relationships. What started out as message boards and Yahoo! Chat turned into AOL Instant Messenger, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and now Snapchat. Millions of men and women throughout the world use Snapchat to communicate with their friends and “crushes”. Unfortunately, some husbands and wives are using the app inappropriately because the pictures and videos disappear after 10 seconds or less.

Some couples have decided that Snapchat is not healthy for their relationship so they have deleted the app off their iPhone or Android. Or so the significant other thinks. Time and again people ask us if there is a way to hide an app on an iPhone or Android phone. Of course there is. Both iOS and the Android smartphone operating system allows users to create folders to “hide” apps or files. If your husband or wife is not tech savvy it is not difficult to put a few folders within folders that are named something generic like “games” or “productivity apps”.

There are even settings that will allow you to put in a password to see different apps than those that do not put in the password or passcode. If you fear that your wife is using Snapchat and you are unaware, it might be a wise decision to look through all the folders on her smartphone. If she is taking way too many random selfies there is a good chance she is probably using them as a way to communicate with others via Snapchat.

Just because she has Facebook and Instagram does not mean she does not have Snapchat. Facebook and Instagram tend to be apps in which users post once or twice a week. Snapchat is an app used hundreds of times a day; especially if a budding romantic relationship is happening. Take the time to look at your wife’s folders and deep within the operating system of her iPhone or Android smartphone before you are 100% certain she is not hiding the Snapchat app.

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