Which WordPress Theme is the Best for SEO for Lawyers?

Which WordPress theme is the best for SEO? This is a question I am asked every single week. Unfortunately, there are thousands of lawyers that have spent a significant amount of hard earned money on a website that does not perform well. In 2015, there are a number of legal website builders that offer a full service package that includes the website, analytics, Google Adwords, SEO and content. Unfortunately, the full service package does not matter if Google cannot effectively and efficiently crawl your website. With that in mind, this is what you need to know about WordPress themes that are good for Lawyer SEO.

Some of the best WordPress themes are the ones that are free and available once you install WordPress. The theme I am using for this website, NewsFrame, was free and is available to all. While it is not the most fancy WordPress theme, it does the job. There is a very high likelihood that you found this article in search which is all I ask of my theme.

Most of the newer WordPress themes are easily customizable meaning you can create a header or banner on the top to display your professional photo, branding, areas of expertise and more. Rather than having a ton of “sliding” or java images recognize that Google more easily crawls a website that is less complicated.

When thinking about building a new website, look at your competitors that are ranking on the front page of Google. Do they have a fancy theme with images popping up and javascripts making it more interactive? Also, recognize what your common client or reader is coming to your website for. Are they coming to your website to see infographics and maps that move or are they just looking for a personal injury lawyer?

I know that branding and image is very important; I will never deny that. Even with this being the case, there are still a number of great WordPress themes that are easily crawled by Google that have not been over optimized. If you are a personal injury lawyer or medical malpractice lawyer in need of a website and/or SEO contact me today at jesse@wojdylosocialmedia.com. We can discuss an affordable theme that works for you and the ways you can rank much higher in Google search.

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