Does Working on the Computer Hurt Your Eyes?

Since age 14, I have been on the computer for hours every single day. Even in the early days of the Internet when we had to dial up with the phone line and a 14.4k modem, I was still on the computer for hours on end. We only had 20 total hours a month for the Internet, but that did not take away from playing Doom and Quake. Now, as I have gotten older, it is no longer games and passive Internet searching, it is my actual job. So, just how bad is it to work all day while sitting at a computer? For your eyes, not your posture?

Since I started my own business in 2009 I have spent tens of thousands of hours on my computer. In the first three years, I published over 20,000 articles on one WordPress website alone. So, just how much has my vision changed since then. Honestly, not at all. My prescription is relatively the same and every year I go to the eye doctor they mention that my vision has changed very little.

I am no eye doctor nor will I claim to be an expert. That said, I do know that I have very poor vision with thick prescription eyeglasses which might be the reason my vision has not worsened over the years. I have curtailed my computer use in the last three or four years now that it is my job. Instead of sitting on my MacBook Pro for several hours while surfing Reddit, Investment websites and general news websites, I now avoid most of this content altogether. I still look at it a little bit on my iPhone, but not nearly as much as I once did.

The Monroe, Louisiana eye doctors at LA Eye and Laser have told me that while many people find their vision worsens over time after looking at a computer, it may be the case that my eyes have adapted because I have been using a computer since a young age. This makes me wonder about the younger generations. Is it going to be the case that their vision is not negatively affected by looking at a computer or smartphone throughout much of the day every day?

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