What are the Yellow and Red Dots on the Snapchat Map?

After publishing the article about the blue dots on the Snapchat Map many people have asked about the yellow and red dots. The frequency of Snapchat usage on the map is as follows – light blue to dark blue is light activity. Yellow is moderate activity. Dark red is very heavy activity.

In essence, as the color gets more red, the more users are sharing Snapchat stories publicly. If you are sitting at home on a Friday night and you are looking for something to do out on the town, open up your Snapchat Map and see what is going on based on the colors.

Most often, the dark red is in larger cities like Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC and Orlando, Florida. The smaller towns tend to have light blue dots or yellow dots. Note that you can click on any of these dots to watch the stories and see what is going on.

In the future, we strongly believe most Snapchat users will use the Snapchat Map before deciding on where to go to eat and party. Have you used the Snapchat Map to watch what is going on around you or around the world? Have you clicked on the yellow or red dots?

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