Does the YouTube Algorithm Really Cause Views and Subscribers to Drop?

If you have watched YouTube videos from “influencers” or “millennial celebrities” you have likely heard complaints that the YouTube algorithm is causing their views and subscriber numbers to drop. Clearly, they do not understand what an algorithm is nor do they recognize that Social Media companies have purges to remove trolls and bots.

The main reason influencers are seeing their views and subscribers numbers drop is the fact that YouTube, owned by Google, feels they have a duty to their users to make certain the numbers are accurate. You may have seen a conspiracy theory video that gets tens of thousands of views in a matter of minutes, yet the channel only has 500 subscribers. You may find that political “commercials” that are actual YouTube videos have more views than the latest James Charles video. No way, right?!

YouTube allows users to create an account with a Gmail account. This means Russian hackers or bots can create thousands of accounts in minutes. Then, they can use said accounts to increase views, subscriber numbers, likes and comments. These bots and hackers are not limited to political videos. In fact, there are places in which you can buy YouTube views, subscribers and likes. This is not representative of the overall YouTube community.

Because Google feels the duty to represent the community correctly, they periodically purge all these spam, troll and bot accounts. That is why you will see a huge drop in subscribers or views on Social Blade for a very popular YouTuber.

Also, let’s understand what an algorithm is. An algorithm is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.” Note that it is a calculation by a computer! It is not a human being. It does not have feelings. It does not give one shit about what Jeffree Star said about James Charles. It is a calculation completed by a computer!

In fact, if your YouTube Channel is truly providing value to the YouTube community, the algorithm should actually help you. Many popular YouTube influencers got their start because they were assisted by the algorithm or they were placed on the “Suggested User List (SUL)” for a specific category.

So, the next time you hear a YouTube influencer or celebrity complain the algorithm is hurting their numbers, understand that they are full of shit. The algorithm is simply helping the cream rise to the top. Clearly they are providing videos and content that is not as good as the other YouTubers that are showing up higher because of the algorithm.

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